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As an Amerex distributor, we are able to provide you with the best-in-class extinguishers, complete with manufacturer guarantees for your peace of mind. Amerex extinguishers are universally accepted as the finest in the market and unsurpassed in the quality of materials, manufacture and ease of service. Amerex are proud that their extinguishers have the greatest number of global approvals of any fire extinguisher brand. Amerex has also been awarded A Royal Warrant of Appointment from Her Majesty The Queen.

Amerex's wet agents are all contained in extinguishers constructed from high quality stainless steel bodies and 100% milled metal valves (brass and stainless steel). The use of stainless steel bodies significantly reduces the total extinguisher weight and service life compared with the merely mild steel alternatives.

Due to the extinguisher's longevity, Amerex's strict recycling and careful attention Amerex pays to all aspects of environmental impact, they believe that Amerex equipment will help you make an environmentally sound choice.

Amerex - Extinguisher Manufacturing Process

Amerex - Extinguisher Manufacturing Process