Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems.

For kitchen owners and operators looking for reassurance about their fire suppression solutions, the new UL300 standard recommends that all technicians who install and service kitchen protection systems are fully trained and certified by the original manufacturer. It is therefore extremely important that fire suppression technicians responsible for the design, installation and servicing of the systems can demonstrate their credentials with up-to-date documents.


Sedgemoor Fire engineers have the relevant training and experience to install and service both ANSUL R-102 and Amerex KP systems.

In today’s commercial kitchens, higher temperature cooking oils, high-efficiency, slow-cooling appliances such as deep fat fryers have combined to make fire suppression more challenging than ever. But the fact remains: the need to protect people and property from fire is crucial.

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Servicing and Maintenance.

Kitchen fire suppression systems are exposed to extremely harsh conditions and therefore require regular routine maintenance to keep them in fire ready condition. Kitchen suppression systems require routine maintenance at 6-month intervals. Sedgemoor Fire engineers are accredited technicians in installation and servicing kitchen suppression systems and can provide competitively priced servicing for your kitchen suppression systems whilst minimising kitchen down-time. Get in touch today.

The service comprises of a full inspection and test to ensure it still has the capability to fire. In addition to ensuring the system will fire, the engineer will also look at whether the system is still covering the appropriate risks. Upon completion of the service, a report will be produced specifying what works have been carried out and the systems conformity or, where applicable, whether the system is appropriate for the risks or whether further works are required.